Virtualization & Server Consolidation
Transform your Business with Virtualization
Crypton System is the leading highly efficient solution provider in Qatar, for virtualisation and server consolidation. With in‐depth knowledge and expertise of both proprietary and open source virtualization technologies, including VMware and Microsoft HyperVisor etc, our Virtual Server consultants objectively assess and deploy the optimal solution to fit your unique needs.Our approach is to take a holistic view of an organization's environment and to support the entire virtualization technology life cycle, from planning and assessments to design and implementation.

Maintain your company’s competitive edge by choosing the best virtualization infrastructure solution that meets your business requirements today – and can grow with your business tomorrow. VMware, as the world's leading desktop and datacenter virtualization provider, offers the best and most trusted solutions for transforming today’s often inflexible IT environment into a flexible, automated cloud infrastructure, helping you reap cost savings and productivity benefits.

Crypton lets you run another computer in your computer. Try out another operating system, test a different platform, and preview a new distort. Crypton technology gives you the ability to create powerful virtual networks within Crypton ESX hosts. Crypton virtual networking uses data center physical networking features, standards and principles to complement and extend existing data center networks to the virtual machine level of granularity and control.

Server consolidation is an approach to the efficient use of computer server resources in order to reduce the total number of servers or server locations that an organization requires. The practice developed in response to the problem of server sprawl, a situation in which multiple, underutilized servers take up more space and consume more resources than can be justified by their workload. consolidation is focused on multiplexing physical resources over a number of virtualized environments. The immediate benefits are obvious: reduce the amount of hardware, reduce the data-center footprint, and indirectly reduce power consumption.

Server virtualization(also called "virtualization") involves decoupling a workload and its data from the functional details of the physical platform on which it is hosted. This increases the flexibility with which the workloads can be matched with physical resources, enabling administrators to develop business-driven policies for delivering resources that are appropriate given specific time, cost, and service level requirements. Virtualization therefore promises the ability for IT operations to be performed with far better economies of scale, allowing infrastructures to be managed efficiently even as they undergo high rates of growth, while maximizing the utilization of existing resources.
Use of Virtualization
Virtualization is the perfect solution for applications that are meant for small to medium‐scale usage. You want to prevent CPU utilization from exceeding 50% during peak loads. Running several servers on a single physical server will elevate the peak CPU utilization but optimize overall usage since the peaks and valleys of the virtual operating systems will tend to cancel each other out. For servers with extremely high storage or hardware I/O requirements, you might want to run them on bare metal even if their CPU requirements can be met inside a Virtual environment.
Use of Server Consolidation
Server consolidation could be an answer to your organization’s challenges if you want to reduce operational costs and make more efficient use of your IT resources. If your servers are underutilized, consolidation can help minimize this. If you are considering upgrading your operating system or messaging package, it is also a great time to evaluate server consolidation. Other key drivers of consolidation may be the need to improve systems availability and security, simplify management processes or reduce operating expenses. And if your organization has grown through mergers or acquisitions, consolidating servers can be a good way to establish an integrated, standardized infrastructure for your new environment. Crypton’s complete approach to server consolidation gives you the opportunity to design and implement a consolidated infrastructure that meets your specific requirements. It helpsidentify cost savings and improved management control opportunities that can contribute to the success of your organization.

Crypton Systems provide complete enterprises virtualisation solution based on Crypton and Hyper V Platform. Our Engineers are Certified Crypton and Micosoft Professionls capable of supporting Virtualization Platform for customers. We have experience in deploying both and provide a Crypton versus Hyper‐V comparison. We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your environment to guide you to an appropriate product in an unbiased fashion. Contact our support engineers today for a detailed analysis of your requirements.