Network Security & Corporate Anti Virus Solution:
Network Security & Corporate Anti Virus Solution:
Security threats come in all shapes and sizes. You should be diligent in protecting against hackers, thieves and viruses. Likewise, physical protection of your systems is vital. Fire protection, secured locations for network hardware and even business perimeter security protection are layers of defense that are often overlooked. When it comes to network security and data protection we ask the following question.
Crypton Systems's security professionals and network of associates have been immersed in the Internet with a solid background across multiple operating systems environments,that are supported by specialized network security and communications and networking experience, Crypton Systems delivers the technical expertise to properly analyze and protect your e-business information infrastructure.

Crypton Systems deploys best security business practices to design e-business network infrastructure's and integrate technologies. Our security technical staff are up to date on the latest security technologies and maintain current with the numerous threats and vulnerabilities exploited by the Internet community on a regular basis.

Crypton Systems's security consultants have extensive experience in examining all aspects of organizational and network security for potential vulnerabilities and points of attack. By conducting a diffrential Security method, Crypton Systems's testing team thoroughly analyze the security of our clients corporate network infrastructure and perimeter defense. Clients receive detailed information on current level of risk and remedial action recommendations to address vulnerabilities uncovered during the testing engagement.

Dedicated to information security, Crypton Systems delivers a comprehensive suite of Professional Services, Security Managed Service offerings and best of breed security technologies to fulfill all of our customers network security requirements. Our security technical expertise provides customers with the specialized skills and knowledge to properly install, manage and maintain a secure information infrastructure.Crypton Systems's technical staff support a wide range of product vendor security and networking technologies including Cisco Systems, H3C, Symantec, Trend Micro,Soniwall Cyberoam and more.

Technology offerings include a comprehensive suite of industry leading network security hardware and software technologies to fulfill our customers requirements including:
Firewall and Appliances
Firewall Series is the first line of defense for any computer user against Internet based attacks. Crypton System provide firewll from top network leaders,that are designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from your private network. Ranging from compact "plug‐and‐play" desktop firewalls for small and home offices, to modular, carrier-class gigabit firewalls for the most demanding enterprise environments, firewall Appliances provide the highest levels of security, performance, reliability and ease of installation available.
Corporate Anti Virus Solution
Antivirus Software
Protects your computer from known worms, viruses and trojan horses. May not detect brand new viruses, worms and trojan horses. Does not protect against adware, spyware and browser hijackers.
Antispyware Software
Protects against adware, browser hijackers, spyware, tracking cookies and other internet parasites.
Antispam Software
Scans incoming email for key words and decides whether email is spam or not. Spam is then tagged as spam or deleted, depending on your configuration
Crypton Systems provides trusted virus protection solution by dealing with corporate anti virus such as Symantec ,Trend Micro ,Mecafee, AVG and more.These anti virus solution offers critical protection to your PC by automatically eliminating viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other malicious Internet code. Anti virus works and automatically scanning incoming email, downloads and other files, while constantly updating itself to protect your computer against the latest virus threats.
Reliable Backup System
Crypton System provide a solution for fully protect your important business data from hardware failure, natural disasters, accidental deletion, viruses, and malicious attackers. Crypton System with industry leading backup technology provide the highest level of file protection by keeping daily copies of your files. All files are fully encrypted, recoverable instantly, and automatically backed up every day.Our dedicated support team fullfill your dream by providing perfect solution for your back problems.
Web Content Management Solutions
There are issues that arise when employees have unmonitored access to the Internet. To avoide this Crypton System provide solution for web content filtering through real‐time monitoring, Web Content Filtering is available to help your company protect itself from losses, including:Productivity Threats,Legal Threats,Network Threats and Security Threats. Web Content Filtering automatically manages what web content is available to employees and when, as defined by your set policies ‐ in terms of bandwidth allocated, groups & employees affected, time‐of‐day and more