Unified Communication & IP Telephony
Unified Communication & IP Telephony
Crypton Systems specializes in planning and designing your IP solution. This is done via a process that engages you and includes, your currect infrastructure, your future plans and the business benefits it will bring to your organization.

Crypton Systems offers integrated ‘whole of business’ solutions, meaning that we the expertise in house to plan, manage, roll out and provide ongoing support for your IP solution.
Crypton system can provide Corporate Unified Communications; we have developed a full feature enterprise-wide corporate solution for organizations with single or multiple office locations. Our solution is deployed using various Systems phones, routers & switches of network leaders.

Crypton Systems have developed a fully integrated corporate grade Unified Communications solution .This has been designed for all types of organizations, large and small, with single or multiple branch office locations.

Crypton Systems is unique in the way it provides both a centralized and distributed network model. A key feature of our solution is the use of full fledged system phone and Soft PBX Controller which is installed at each office location.

VoIP and IP Telephony are often used interchangeable. However its important to understand that IP telephony provides the full suite of VoIP enabled services while also providing the additional security and quality because the data is transferred over your own LAN and WAN instead of over the internet. IP telephony provides a way for you to extend consistent communications services to all your employees regardless of their location while enjoying considerable savings on your communication costs.
Unified Communications Solutions
Unified Communications enables the converging and integration of all forms of communications, networks, systems and business applications‐ on any device in any location. Unified Communications solutions provides complete integration of IP Telephony, Presence, Conferencing and Unified Messaging services into a single unified solution. Unified Communications (UC) provides truly integrated communications that enable end users to communicate when they want, how they want and from wherever they want. Unified communications is a complex solution that needs to be tailored to your organization for you to get the best business benefits. Though our consultative approach Crypton Systems understands the future of IP telephony from an IT and business perspective.

Our complete communications solution transforms the way organizations currently communicate with their staff and customers. The feature set that our system delivers, will enhance your professional image, significantly increase productivity through seamless communications and reduces overall costs..
Crypton Systems Offer The VoIP - IP Telephony Solutions
VoIP PBX Hybrid- this is where you get the proven reliability of existing phone system technology then add VoIP functionality to it. This is the most popular choice especially amongst SOHO(Small Office/Home Office) and Small businesses as you get the benefits of VoIP at a fraction of the cost of implementing a full VoIP system.

VoIP IP PBX- is a complete telephony system that provides telephone calls over IP data networks as well as providing access to advanced communication features. VoIP BPX only operates with IP handsets and still works with PSTN, ISDN, Primary rate or SIP trunking*. With an IP PBX solution, the business owns and operates the equipment and is a more suitable solution for larger businesses.

Hosted VoIP Service- this is the outsourced model, better suited for smaller business that lack the IT resources or do not want to make the capitol investment in owning a telephony system. The telephony equipment is located with the VoIP service provider, there are no normal phone lines‐ no longer need your PSTN and ISND phone line rentalsand you do not control your own phone system. If your internet goes down then so does your phone system.

* What is SIP Trunking? SIP trunking service connects your company’s PBX via Internet using the latest VoIP standard‐ SIP, enabling you to communicate over IP using your Internet connection with anyone in Australia and around the world.
Benefits of IP Telephony
With IP telephony, companies instantly improve their productivity with robust feature sets such as built‐in conference call capabilities, internal dialling across locations, call centre capabilities, and integration with desktop applications. Because of robust features like the ability for an employee to log in from any phone – even across the Internet, employees are not tied to a desk
IP telephony offers organisations tremendous customer service value-add
Integration with applications, elimination of phone tag, ability to work remotely all add to increase productivity with IP telephony
The right IP telephony platform scales from a few users to tens of thousands of users simply by adding handsets making growth simple and cost effective
Management costs are dramatically lowered through web‐based tools that can be managed without expensive third party support
Why is Crypton System - the right company to call?
Working with IP telephony leaders such as Microsoft,Cisco,3Com etc then integrating these systems with contact centre solutions from Aspect, Crypton System has the strength and breadth of expertise to ensure your migration is smooth and fault free.